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  • What should I expect at my initial consultation?
    ​We will begin your initial visit by listening. We want to hear about your symptoms, your medical history, and any other relevant information that might help us to design and implement an individualized treatment plan that will help you to get better. You will be asked about your specific goals and your most troubling issues, so we can focus on the parts of treatment that will give you the most relief. Next, we will conduct an external evaluation of your pelvic region, where we check your pelvic alignment, hips, low back, and other areas of your pelvic girdle for dysfunction. Upon completion of the external exam, we proceed to an assessment of your pelvic floor muscles which may be done either externally or internally (or both). If time allows, the remainder of your initial visit will be spent in treatment, so we can begin the healing process and learn how your body responds to physical therapy.
  • Do I have to have a prescription from my physician?
    You do not need a doctor's prescription to schedule a physical therapy appointment. California has limited direct access for physical therapists, which means you can be seen for physical therapy for up to 12 visits or over a span of 45 days without a doctor's prescription. If you have already received a prescription for physical therapy, please bring it with you to your first visit. Providers who can write prescriptions include MDs, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and acupuncturists.
  • What if I am menstruating?
    Both internal and external treatments can be performed during menstruation, therefore it is not a limiting factor to keeping your regularly scheduled appointment.
  • Can I do anything on my own to improve my condition?
    Yes! We look at your physical therapy as a partnership between the therapist and the patient. There are always exercises that you can do at home that will benefit your condition and help maintain your gains between physical therapy visits.
  • Do you take health insurance?
    I am an “out-of-network” provider for all insurance plans. I do provide a superbill monthly for PPOs, which allows you to be reimbursed by your insurance directly. If you are a Medicare patient, because I am not participating, I legally am not able to treat you.
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